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Bring Back V10s: Michael Andretti’s McLaren F1 nightmare

by Matt Beer
1 min read

Michael Andretti’s currently embroiled in a slightly fraught effort to get back on the Formula 1 grid as a team owner, but for the opening episode of the new season of our Bring Back V10s classic F1 stories podcast we’re going back to his very fraught season on the grid as a driver.

Special guest David Tremayne and Edd Straw join host Glenn Freeman to explore why a man justifiably seen at the time as “the Senna of IndyCar” had such a miserable time when McLaren brought him into F1 as Ayrton Senna’s team-mate for 1993, with new insight from Michael’s 1978 F1 world champion father Mario recorded exclusively for the episode too.

Andretti’s fraught relationship with team boss Ron Dennis, the impact of Senna keeping McLaren hanging over his future, the F1 media’s attitude towards Andretti and Andretti’s incredible theory over how his season might have been deliberately sabotaged are among the topics explored in our bumper-length series-opener.

Bring Back V10s is available through all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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