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All the British GP upgrades as nine F1 teams bring new parts

by Mark Hughes
3 min read

Nine of the 10 Formula 1 teams have new parts for the British Grand Prix.

Some of them are circuit-specific tweaks to maximise their chances at high-speed Silverstone.

But there are also several significant changes that could have an impact on battles up and down the grid.

Mark Hughes runs through them.

Red Bull

Red Bull has taken aerodynamic advantage of the low braking demand at Silverstone by reducing the inlet and exit area of the front brake ducts.


Img 20230707 111906

Mercedes has a reprofiled endplate, giving a closer alignment between it and the flow in a wider range of car attitudes.

The wing’s elements have also been tweaked in profile to give an airflow further down the car more suitable to this track’s fast corners.


Img 20230707 110314

A revised front wing main plane is designed to give better low-speed corner performance (through better management of the tyre wake) without compromising high-speed.


Phase two of the three-part McLaren upgrade is here. There’s a new front wing/nose assembly (new endplates and elements), revised rear brake ducts and a new shroud around the rear toe link to better align the rear quarter airflow.

Alfa Romeo

Img 20230707 111534

Alfa Romeo has come up with a raft of changes designed to enhance its car’s high-speed corner performance.

These comprise a new underfloor geometry, new floor fences and a diffuser with enhanced lateral expansion of the air.

Changes to the rear brake duct and rear suspension shrouds optimise the opportunities provided by the new floor.

Aston Martin

There’s a new front wing of reduced chord area to give a balance range suitable for this track and a new cooling arrangement for the rear brake discs, taking advantage of the circuit’s relatively low braking demands.


There’s a new floor inlet, giving a duct which Haas claims provides a more performing aerodynamic field. This is in conjunction with a change to the front suspension shrouding in directing the airflow. There’s also a new lower element for the beam wing.


Img 20230707 112207

A big upgrade here, the first one specifically targeted at improving the car’s so-far deficient low-speed/high ride height corner performance.

The floor body, fences, floor edge geometry and diffuser are all new. The bodywork above the coke bottle section has been widened giving “higher static pressure which reduces the extent to which front wheel wake losses impinge onto the bodywork with yaw and steer. This generates more load from the floor edge due to improved onset flow quality” according to the team.

The rear wing has a more loaded central section and a lesser loaded outboard, which should make for a more efficient downforce/drag trade-off. A flap has been removed from the beam wing.


Img 20230707 110137

Lower drag front and rear wings for Silverstone.

Ferrari: No updates reported

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