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Alfa Romeo’s new F1 nose and wing design explained

by Gary Anderson
2 min read

The Alfa Romeo Formula 1 team ran on Friday of the Australian Grand Prix with a new nose configuration and modified front wing assembly.

Having focused on the rear end with winter development, the team’s plan was always to bring some front end changes early in the season and this is part of that plan.

Alfa Romeo has removed the slotgap between the forward-most element and the underside of the now-longer nose, which surprises me a bit. Having this slotgap helps the airflow to stay attached to that surface, which means the airflow to the leading edge of the underfloor is more consistent.

Comparison Nose Front Wing C43 Aus (1)

The wing itself has a more consistent leading edge with central section just that little bit higher (the red ellipse highlights how the old version differed). This will reduce the potential for this section stalling at very low ride heights, and especially under braking, by letting more flow pass under the lower surface of the front element.

The outboard wing doesn’t have the small raised section (highlighted in the green ellipse on the old wing) on the main plane of second flap anymore. The other two elements look very similar.

This modification should give Alfa Romeo a bit more front end downforce in high-speed corners when the car is low and rolling from the cornering forces.

By attaching the forward element of the wing to the longer nose, Alfa Romeo has been able to remove two of the small inboard slot-gap separators – or in its case forward element supports and add one further outboard to increase the outwash. The yellow ellipses on the two images show the now-removed inboard ones and the added outboard one.

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