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New wings, halo tweaks + a major upgrade: British GP F1 tech

by Mark Hughes
2 min read

The British Grand Prix remains one of the most important races on the Formula 1 calendar - and not just because of its historical significance, but because of the challenges the Silverstone circuit demands.

It's little surprise then that the majority of F1 teams have brought upgrades for this weekend's race. Mark Hughes is your guide to who's brought what.

Red Bull

Red Bull has made aero tweaks around the floor edge and floor-edge winglet. The profiling of the floor edge has been subtly altered to induce more load in that part and the single winglet permitted there has been reshaped to fully exploit that.

The team describes it as "edge wing detail [which] has been subtly changed to add more camber deriving more load whilst respecting the necessity for flow stability".


The Mercedes changes here are circuit-specific to the front and rear wings and brake cooling, with Silverstone now very responsive to drag reduction and not particularly demanding of brakes.


To go with its lower downforce Silverstone rear wing, McLaren has brought three options for the beam wing - low, medium and high downforce - so as to find the ultimate trade off between drag and downforce for the specific conditions of the weekend.

Aston Martin

A new front wing with a revised twist to the elements in an effort at giving a better load distribution across the wing. A rear corner twin winglet on the brake duct, which replaces the single winglet.


Has removed the winglet from the halo to reduce drag for this track.


Has brought the option of a different fence for the tunnel inlet, to give a different compromise between underbody and floor-edge flow.


A major upgrade with all-new radiator inlet, floor, diffuser and engine cover.

A totally new floor geometry has led to a major reworking of everything around it. The most visible change is a radiator inlet shape that's deeper than before to clean up airflow to the rear.

No updates declared: Ferrari, Alpine, Williams

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