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How Bagnaia or Martin can win the MotoGP title on Sunday

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MotoGP will head into its second last-race title decider in two years in Valencia tomorrow - after having had each of the riders' titles decided in advance between 2017 and 2020.

Despite Jorge Martin's charging victory in the sprint, defending champion Pecco Bagnaia retains a 14-point buffer - with a maximum of 25 available on Sunday.

The Italian will be guaranteed the championship if he finishes within the top five in the 27-lap showdown at Circuit Ricardo Tormo.

He will also be champion in any scenario in which he finishes within four places of Martin.

It means that Martin's path to the title remains very narrow.

Martin is champion on Sunday if...

Martin is 1st and Bagnaia is lower than 5th

Martin is 2nd and Bagnaia is lower than 10th

Martin is 3rd and Bagnaia is lower than 14th

Any tiebreak in points goes in favour of Bagnaia, who is guaranteed to finish the season with more Sunday wins than Martin. Sprint results do not count towards determining who is ahead in the standings in case of a tiebreak.

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