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Podcast: Who we’d pick for the perfect fantasy IndyCar team

by Jack Cozens
1 min read

until Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League

This week’s episode of The Race IndyCar Podcast asks if you could choose any personnel, how would you construct your perfect IndyCar team to take on the championship regulars?

Co-hosts Jack Benyon and Indy 500 podium finisher JR Hildebrand pick a team they would takeover if they could choose any, and then select two engineers, two strategists, a team boss and two drivers to make a perfect fantasy IndyCar team.

The co-hosts have to pick realistic personnel for the roles, and there’s a rich selection to choose from – including one person who isn’t currently in IndyCar.

Do you agree with the hosts’ selections? Why not make your own fantasy team using the same rules and send it to the hosts on social media or via our email, podcasts@the-race.com.

Thanks to podcast listener Marty Triano for suggesting the idea we’ve used on this episode.

Hildebrand also gives an update on his plans for 2023 amid movement at the AJ Foyt team he has recently raced for, and the hosting duo discuss some of the news topics from the week.

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