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Podcast: Palou’s McLaren-beating win and Indy 500 practice pointers

by Josh Suttill
1 min read

until Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League

This week’s The Race IndyCar Podcast analyses Alex Palou beating the McLaren team he’s linked to in the Indy road course race plus we preview the start of the Indy 500.

How Palou’s win earlier in the season compared to his triumph at the end of the last campaign, and how that could impact his assault on his year’s title, is a key topic of debate for American Editor Jack Benyon and co-host JR Hildebrand.

McLaren’s rise in performance has left Palou’s previous attempts to leave Ganassi look more reasonable, and the latest on that story is outlined.

Hildebrand talks about what it is going to be like to miss his first Indy 500 after 12 consecutive attempts, and is also on hand to tell you how to view Tues-Friday’s Indy 500 practice action without being duped by the timesheets with an insightful guide.

How Indy’s ride height conundrum will be affected by new aero parts also gives the hosts a chance to outline the fascinating journey of the current car’s configuration and how teams will look to manipulate and capitalise on set-ups to find an edge on the opposition.

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