Podcast: Month of May preview with Indy 500 winner Ericsson

by Jack Cozens
1 min read

Reigning Indianapolis 500 winner and IndyCar championship leader Marcus Ericsson joins this week’s The Race IndyCar Podcast to kick off the Month of May.

Before getting to the Indy 500, Ericsson discusses his season so far, makes a promise to improve his out-laps, talks about Chip Ganassi Racing’s improved qualifying form and explains how he’s feeling leading the championship at this stage of the year.

The Indy 500 is of course a big topic of IndyCar conversation as its mere days from practice starting on May 12, where Ericsson will not benefit from being under the radar like he was last year.

Ericsson weighs up the likelihood of even more competitive rivals, the pressure to win again versus the pressure being off having won already, and how his 2022 success changed his everyday life beyond recognition.

We also ask him about the latest on his future, as he is in a contract year at Ganassi and the list of suitors outside appears to be growing by the day.

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