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Zanardi remains stable in intensive care

by Jack Benyon
1 min read

Alex Zanardi’s doctors will evaluate the next steps in his treatment in “the next few days” as he remains in a stable condition in a Siena hospital after suffering serious head injuries.

The ex-Formula 1 driver, double CART champion and multiple gold-medal winning Paralympian was involved in a crash while contesting a relay event on his handbike on Friday.

He was admitted to the Maria alle Scotte Hospital with “major facial cranial trauma, a smashed face, and a deeply fractured frontal bone (forehead)”.

He underwent a three-hour surgery on Friday, and remains stable, but the “neurological picture remains serious”.

The latest statement issued on his condition said: ”The clinical conditions of Alex Zanardi remain stable, hospitalised at the polyclinic Santa Maria alle Scotte from 19 June.

“The third night of ICU stay passed without variations.

“The clinical conditions therefore remain unchanged in the cardio-respiratory and metabolic parameters while the neurological picture remains serious.

“The patient is sedated, intubated and mechanically ventilated and the prognosis is confidential.

“The multidisciplinary team that takes care of him will evaluate in the next few days any diagnostic-therapeutic actions to be taken.”

A further update will be issued by the hospital around midday local time on Tuesday.

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