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Video: The suspected Red Bull/Ferrari trick F1 is outlawing

by Josh Suttill
1 min read

The designs of the title-challenging Red Bull and Ferrari Formula 1 cars have been thrown under the spotlight by a planned clampdown from the FIA.

In the governing body’s efforts to control the worst of the porpoising and bottoming out suffered by F1 2022’s low, stiff, ground-effect cars, it has stumbled onto something unexpected.

The FIA has learned that some unnamed teams – which The Race believes to be Red Bull and Ferrari – have built their cars with an aggressive interpretation of rules designed to limit the flexibility of key components underneath.

Like so many arcane F1 technical disputes this case boils down to the rules as written versus the rules as intended. And if some paddock insiders are to be believed, the outcome could have a significant impact on the performance of 2022’s two fastest cars.

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