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Video: How to interpret Ricciardo’s punchy McLaren statement

by Jack Cozens
1 min read

“I am committed to McLaren until the end of next year and am not walking away from the sport” was an emphatic statement for Daniel Ricciardo to release in reaction to increasing speculation about his Formula 1 future.

Despite the difficulties of the past 18 months or so since his move from Renault to McLaren – which did include a sensational victory at Monza – Ricciardo is said to have been committed and continued to work professionally, and there is no sign of an internal divide.

Nevertheless, there is an option in Ricciardo’s contract – understood to be on his side – to leave before 2023, when it runs until, and as such several drivers have emerged as potential replacements. This includes the highly rated Oscar Piastri, who for several weeks has seemed destined to join Williams.

So, what’s Ricciardo said – and what, if anything, does it change about his and McLaren’s current situation?

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