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Video: Every F1 team’s 2023 car upgrade path and targets

by Valentin Khorounzhiy
1 min read

A multitude of upgrades – whether track-specific or evolutionary, minor or major – get declared by Formula 1 teams for every race, and even after just eight F1 races it has been easy to lose track of who’s changed what and who’s seeking to bolster which strengths and cure which weaknesses.

But it also means that we’re far enough into the season to where there’s a clear picture of the development trends for each of the 10 cars.

It’s an ideal time to look at every team’s progress. In doing so, we’ll include a tally of the number of declared upgrades since the Bahrain Grand Prix for each team. This number is not a precise measure of how much each car has changed given some teams are more forthcoming than others – even though the FIA requires all upgrades to be submitted.

There’s a lot to keep track of, and the stream of upgrade packages is showing no sign of abating, despite the constraints of the cost cap.

Video timestamps

00:38 Aston Martin
01:32 AlphaTauri
02:19 McLaren
03:03 Red Bull
03:58 Haas
04:52 Alpine
05:40 Ferrari
06:34 Williams
07:16 Alfa Romeo
07:57 Mercedes

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