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The Gary Anderson F1 Show podcast: Gary tackles your questions

by Matt Beer
1 min read

Gary Anderson answers listener questions in the latest edition of his new podcast, brought to you by The Race.

The Gary Anderson F1 Show offers weekly insight from the former Jordan and Jaguar technical director, who starts off this episode with a question about how McLaren will integrate the Mercedes engine package into its carried-over chassis in 2021.

Gary is also asked to pick a winner in a straight fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in equal cars, and considers whether the current coronavirus pandemic will have even longer-term implications on F1 team spending.

He is also asked to look back to pick out the car he was involved with in F1 that is his favourite, as well as explaining the evolution from the Jordan 191 through to the 193.

He also reveals which team he would have liked to have had the chance to work for in his early days in F1, and gives his evaluation of Red Bull’s multi-link suspension.

The Gary Anderson F1 Show is available free to download via all good podcast suppliers.

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