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Quiz: Name the F1 drivers with most failures to qualify

by Valentin Khorounzhiy
1 min read

Not every driver that rocks up to a Formula 1 race with the intention of partaking actually gets to take the start.

While it’s become a massive rarity these days, F1 weekends for much of its history would often feature drivers failing to qualify – and, a few decades ago, some didn’t even get that far, with F1 using pre-qualifying as an extra cut-off point.

Can you name every driver to fail at either of those two hurdles 10 times or more?

Let us know how you fared in the comments below or by tweeting to @wearetherace, and be mindful of spoilers.

If the layout of the quiz is sub-optimal on your device of choice, try adjusting the page zoom level or switching to a different device – or play it directly on Sporcle’s site.

Feel free to grab some hints from the pre-qualifying era-themed episode of our F1 history podcast Bring Back V10s.

May 07 : S1 E8: The backmarker madness of F1's pre-qualifying era
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