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Will Mercedes ever be toppled? Your F1 questions answered

by Matt Beer
1 min read

As the run of grands prix takes a brief pause, we’re answering your Formula 1 questions in The Race F1 Podcast this week.

Edd Straw, Scott Mitchell and Glenn Freeman are faced with a huge pile of topics suggested through the Community section of our YouTube channel.

Why isn’t Mattia Binotto challenged more on his interpretation of Ferrari’s engine situation and the role of the technical directives? Who is best placed to topple Mercedes – and when?

Does Lewis Hamilton get the credit he deserves, and is Valtteri Bottas just not good enough to challenge him?

Those are just some of the questions tackled, along with the reasons for McLaren’s progress, whether the $200million fee facing new F1 entrants is fair and what we miss from the 2000s.

The Race F1 Podcast is available free to subscribe to from all good podcast suppliers, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

And as we asked for the questions via our YouTube channel, it’s only fair for us to provide a video version of the episode too:

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