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Podcast: Who’s Mercedes’ biggest threat after test one?

by Matt Beer
1 min read

The Race F1 Podcast’s final daily episode from Formula 1’s first week of 2020 pre-season testing discusses everything we have learned at Barcelona so far.

Gary Anderson and Scott Mitchell join Edd Straw to explain why Mercedes looks strong based on the early evidence, but also why Red Bull must be taken seriously given how good the car looks.

Ferrari has talked down its pace and didn’t set a lap time that can be directly compared to that of Mercedes, but is the team genuinely behind or simply playing it cool?

Racing Point’s form at the front of the midfield in the so-called ‘Pink Mercedes’ leads to a discussion about the validity of technical partnerships with big teams and also whether the leading midfielders could threaten any of the top three.

The Race F1 Podcast will also release daily podcasts from next week’s three-day test, as well as regular episodes throughout the season.

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