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Podcast: The science of F1’s paradoxical tech

by Jack Cozens
1 min read

The latest episode of The Race F1 Tech Show takes a deep-dive into the world of Formula 1 braking systems – the technology that slows cars down but is, paradoxically, key to making them quicker.

As usual, host Edd Straw is joined by former F1 technical director Gary Anderson, who was on the Brabham team when it introduced carbon to F1 brakes in the 1970s.

Gary discusses how braking technology has evolved, why the materials have changed, and some of the challenges involved in making them work effectively.

Following that, Edd chats to someone right at the heart of modern F1 braking technology: Andrea Algeri, the racing customer manager of Formula 1 for Brembo Racing, which supplies every team on the grid in one way, shape or form.

He outlines how F1 brakes differ from those on your road car, the variety in braking materials available to the teams and drivers, how F1 brakes wear and must be managed, the way brake-by-wire systems work, the future of the technology, and much, much more.

And on a packed episode, there’s also time for Gary to reflect on his upcoming 50th anniversary of working in F1, and for him to answer two questions from listeners – the first on sustainable fuels and the second on why F1 cars are already becoming harder to follow in just the second year of a ruleset designed to solve that issue.

If you’d like to have your tech question answered on the show, send an email or voicenote to podcasts@the-race.com

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