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Podcast: On Andretti, and how to build an F1 team from scratch

1 min read

On this episode of The Race F1 Tech Show, host Edd Straw and former F1 technical director Gary Anderson dive into the subject of Andretti's bid to get a team onto the F1 grid, looking specifically at the technical challenges that it'll face if granted the final green light.

Having been heavily involved in starting the Jordan F1 project from scratch in 1991, Gary is well-placed to comment on what's needed, even if he concedes it's a considerably tougher task in the modern era.

Edd and Gary also cast an eye over events from the Qatar Grand Prix, and in particular the tyre and track limits issues that arose as the weekend unfolded. Gary gives his opinion on what played out and how problems were dealt with, and also comments on the extreme temperatures the drivers did battle with and how the FIA may go about solving the problem.

And finally, Gary answers a selection of questions from listeners, including one on which part of an F1 car costs the most to develop but delivers the smallest performance benefit...

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