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Podcast: How Sainz ensured Ferrari was first to topple Red Bull

by Matt Beer
1 min read

The bare facts show that Carlos Sainz brought Red Bull’s unbeaten run through the 2023 Formula 1 season to an end by leading the Singapore Grand Prix from start to finish.

But there was a lot more to the victory than that – and The Race F1 Podcast explains how Sainz was able to ensure he and Ferrari were the ones able to capitalise with Red Bull out of the equation, as well as an appraisal of Sainz’s excellent second grand prix victory.

A sudden and severe fall from grace for Red Bull gets the full analytical treatment, with Edd Straw, Mark Hughes and Scott Mitchell-Malm examining the reasons for its slump – including why suggestions that the new technical directive in force in Singapore might’ve had something to do with it are likely wide of the mark.

And while Red Bull was far from its 2023 F1 best, there was a scenario in which Max Verstappen might have been among the lead fight for victory in the closing stages – a hypothetical, enabled by Sainz’s pace at the front, that’s also explored.

George Russell’s mood after a “pathetic” mistake on the final lap, Liam Lawson bagging his first F1 points with another impressive weekend, a return to the points for Haas and Kevin Magnussen plus plenty of questions from The Race Members’ Club also feature on the episode.

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