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Podcast: Grading each F1 team's 2023 season

1 min read

For one final time in 2023, The Race F1 Podcast team assemble to grade each Formula 1 team based on their performances across the season.

Edd Straw is joined by Ben Anderson and Scott Mitchell-Malm, with additional insight from Mark Hughes, to cast a critical eye over the field, as each team's season is broken down relative to both pre-season and mid-season expectations.

The definitive grades might be nailed down but that doesn't mean there's no disagreement - not least at the rear of the field, where Anderson and Mitchell-Malm debate whether Williams was flattered by both Alex Albon and the regression of those teams behind.

Factors including momentum are considered, which helps bump a couple of teams up in our panel's estimations, while there's also a consideration of what encouraging campaigns - or those that were a letdown - mean for each team involved.

Listen to find out which team was "flat-footed" and which two salvaged their seasons, plus who had a "terribly dispiriting campaign" and who delivered beyond their expectations.

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