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New F1 management game revealed with summer release

by Nathan Quinn
1 min read

The first officially licensed Formula 1 management game to be released in over 20 years, titled F1 Manager 2022, has been revealed ahead of its release in the summer.

The game is the start of a four season-long deal developer Frontier has with Formula 1 to produce licensed manager games.

Few details have been confirmed so far but players will be able to manage any of the 10 teams and sign real-world drivers and engineers. The driver roster also includes the complete Formula 2 and Formula 3 line-ups as well.

Other aspects of the game include upgrading your team’s HQ, signing sponsorship deals and developing your car. Regulation changes can also come into effect between seasons although exactly how broad those changes can be is yet to be revealed.

During the races, you’ll also have to decide on pitstop strategies and react to changes in weather and the safety car being deployed. The game’s website claims that the races in the game will be shown in “true-to-life broadcast quality”.

It will be the first F1 licensed management game since the EA Sports published F1 Manager game which was set during the 1999 season.

“It’s great to see F1 Manager 2022 take shape and for people to see this exciting title come to life,” said F1 sporting director Ross Brawn.

“I know from personal experience that leading a team can be challenging, but it’s certainly rewarding.

“The F1 Manager franchise is a great opportunity for fans to put themselves in the shoes of a team principal and experience some of that for themselves.

“I am confident that with their own successful track record in management gaming, Frontier will deliver an enjoyable and engaging experience for fans.”

The game will be available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

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