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Big Aston Martin changes head Canadian GP upgrade list

by Mark Hughes
2 min read

Though it comes as the next round after the usual upgrade bonanza of Barcelona, Formula 1’s Canadian Grand Prix has seen several big-ticket development items declared by the teams – namely a major Aston Martin upgrade and an extensively-revised FW45 package that will only be available to the more experienced Williams driver, Alex Albon, this weekend.

Below is the full lowdown of what has been presented, with only Ferrari having no developments to announce.

Red Bull

A subtle re-profiling of the front wing flaps is all Red Bull has declared for Montreal. This is for a claimed increase in local load.


No upgrades declared.


The outer winglet tip has been removed from the top of the sidepod for drag reduction.


There is a revised rear wing which actually replaces the pre-existing one of this downforce level.  It features a thicker central pillar and a cut-out in the endplate.

The fairing over the lower leg of the rear suspension has been angled further downwards to increase load.

Revised inlet ducts on the front brake ducts are to increase cooling capacity for this very brake-demanding track.


New rear wing flap assembly for greater aero efficiency and accompanying changes to the lower beam wing.

Alfa Romeo

Rear brake duct cooling outlet has been increased in size to cope with the demands of this track.

Aston Martin

F1 Aston Martin AMR23 Canadian GP comparison

A very significant upgrade for the AMR23 comprising new sidepods with a greater undercut, new engine cover and new floor.

The upper deck of the bodywork remains high for longer. The ‘water slide’ gap in the upper sidepod surface has been narrowed, which together with the greater undercut at the front of the sidepod has necessitated a complete reworking of the floor edge vortex generators.


An all-new rear wing is available, one the team believes will improve the efficiency while also increasing downforce at this track.

The floor edges have been further evolved, giving what the team believes will be a significant improvement in diffuser performance.


A lower-drag front wing with smaller chord and camber for the demands of this track.


Img 6282

The car of Alex Albon here carries an extensive upgrade, which is scheduled to go on team-mate Logan Sargeant’s car at the next race.

The upgrade is centred around a new sidepod with an enhanced ramp and a reprofiling where the sidepod exits into the lower engine cover.

This has required a new floor edge geometry, while the revised airflow has been further exploited by changes in the fairings around the halo, rear suspension and rear brake ducts.

More photos to follow

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