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Huge McLaren package headlines first big 2022 F1 upgrades

by Scott Mitchell-Malm, Mark Hughes
4 min read

A massive suite of new parts for McLaren is the stand-out entry in the declaration of Formula 1 teams’ updates ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Every team except Haas has declared new components for this event with the vast majority introducing new packages, not just circuit-specific parts.

This is what has been disclosed to the FIA ahead of opening practice on Friday, starting with the three biggest packages from McLaren, Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo.


McLaren F1 front wing comparison

Extensive update for the MCL36, with a new front wing flap, a revised fairing around the front suspension, new front brake ducts, new sidepod, floor and engine cover.


A new family of high-downforce rear wings has been introduced, which will be used here and at Monaco.

A previously used rear brake duct lower wing endplate is back on the car as it better suits the new floor geometry, while a cockpit strake has been removed to improve visibility.

McLaren F1 rear detail

McLaren also has a test item this weekend in the form of a pack in the centre of the diffuser to study alternative flow conditions around the area.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin sidepod comparison F1

As revealed on Thursday, Aston Martin has a heavily-revised AMR22 at Barcelona including new sidepods with obvious similarities to the Red Bull RB18. The sidepod inlet is further back and shallower. The flat upper surface now slopes down to the rear of the car with a larger, higher exit.

Aston Martin F1 sidepod comparison

Multiple floor changes include “fundamental” revisions to the body and a smoother surface, new floor fences and moving the wing on the floor edge rearwards in front of the rear tyre.

Cooling louvres have been revised to suit the new shape of the bodywork and there are two versions to adjust for what is required.

A new upper rear wing assembly, with a “more aggressive” section design, is a higher-downforce option for Spain and Monaco, while a flow conditioner on the halo completes Aston Martin’s major package.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo F1 rear wing comparison Barcelona Miami

The last of the major packages, featuring a lot of new parts: the front wing endplates and flaps, top wishbone cover on the front suspension, wing mirrors, floor, reprofiled engine cover and sidepods, new internal cooling duct vanes to increase cooling capacity and new rear suspension wishbone and trackrod covers.

There is also a high-downforce rear wing with new main plane, flaps and endplates for the demands of the Barcelona track.


Mercedes F1 cloor comparison

The W13 has received a major upgrade comprising new floor, the outer geometry of which suggests reprofiled venturi tunnels. The leading edge ‘tea tray’ of the floor now has a winglet, like that seen on the Ferrari, Aston and (recently), the Red Bull.

It increases downforce on that part if the floor and casts a vortex downstream which can be used to energise the underfloor flow.

Mercedes F1 comparison

The front wing endplate has been reprofiled to direct the airflow in a way appropriate to the new floor and revised brake caketins.

Mercedes F1 rear brake duct comparison

On the rear corner there is a new lower deflector endplate. This gives what is claimed an increased load on that part of the car – and enhances diffuser performance too.

Red Bull

Minor changes for the RB18, with a front wing featuring longer chord profiles. There’s a new blister on the floor where it transitions into the top body, creating an area of enhanced pressure.


Ferrari F1 rear detail

Ferrari has produced a new floor, a revised rear wing and revised detail around the rear brake ducts.

The outer vane on the entry to the venturi tunnel has been heightened and re-angled. This is an attempt at increasing the air intake without suffering a lack of pressure.

Ferrari F1 rear wing comparison

The transition between the flap of the rear wing and endplates is more distinct.


Alpine F1 front wing

A larger, high-downforce rear wing to suit the Barcelona track with more load on the top wing. Revised front wing endplates, with a reprofiled leading edge, and winglets around the rear brake ducts have been added for localised aerodynamic performance.


No broad upgrades but, like Alpine, there is a circuit-specific rear wing with a revised geometry to produce more downforce.


Williams F1 front and rear wings

New higher-downforce rear wing and a new front wing with a larger and more inclined rearward flap element to help balance it.

A new cluster of six winglet elements replace a pair of downwashing winglets on the rear brake ducts.


No changes declared.

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