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Ferrari’s first big F1 upgrade of 2022 revealed

by Scott Mitchell-Malm
2 min read

Ferrari’s first big upgrade package of the 2022 Formula 1 season has been revealed at the Spanish Grand Prix.

The F1-75 has not had a significant revision since the floor was changed during pre-season testing, which Ferrari said was down to it being very careful with how it spent money on developments under the budget cap.

Ferrari’s strategy has worked so far as it won two of the opening three races and leads both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships after five rounds.

But Red Bull has developed its RB18 more since the start of the season and that has been the faster car in the last two races, allowing Max Verstappen to score back-to-back wins.

Ferrari promised its first real response would come at Barcelona and the extent of its new package has now been revealed.

Img 1705

New floor and diffuser geometries aim to improve the overall aerodynamic performance through the entire car, as do updated rear brake ducts and winglets.

Img 1693

The new floor is also designed to help combat the porpoising Ferrari has suffered in the opening grands prix and allow it to run the car lower to the ground.

A high-downforce rear wing has also been declared. This is a circuit-specific development, modifying the “main and flap profiles” to suit the demands of the Barcelona track.

Ferrari F1 rear wing comparison

Ferrari’s championship leader Charles Leclerc said after the previous race in Miami that he was confident the Barcelona package would produce a noticeable step forward in performance.

“I’m sure that will bring upgrades that will bring us back to the top,” he said.

“I hope so. But we are working well and we’ve been working very well in the past few years to come back on top.

“So, I hope that those upgrades will help us to challenge them again.”

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