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How F1 teams have optimised their 2024 cars for Monaco

by Mark Hughes
2 min read

As ever, most Formula 1 teams’ changes for the Monaco Grand Prix weekend are more about optimising their cars to the specific demands of what remains a unique circuit than adding season-long performance.

But there are still a few eye-catching developments in the pitlane.

Mark Hughes runs through what’s new.

Red Bull

The championship leader brings a Monaco-specific rear wing that fills the dimensional regulation box – and an accompanying enlarged beam wing. 


As well as increasing the camber of the rear wing and beam wing for Monaco’s slow corners, Mercedes has also given the inboard part of the floor ahead of the tunnel inlet more volume to enhance flow volume.

The front wing has a bigger flap chord which gives the team an increased range with which to balance the car.

The outboard end of the wing has a revised geometry to increase the power of the vortex and thereby improve wheel wake control.


A Monaco-level enhanced volume rear wing and beam wing for Ferrari.


A bigger rear wing and beam wing. 

Aston Martin

Like McLaren, just a bigger rear wing and beam wing for the Monaco layout.


Together with the usual Monaco rear wing and beam wing, Alpine has available a front wing with more aggressive flap profiles to help balance the car around the big rear wing.

The front suspension fairings have been tweaked to give an airflow more appropriate to the low-speed corners of the circuit. 


A Monaco-specific rear wing and a beam wing with an increased chord length and higher angle of attack. 


A full Monaco-specific package including new rear wing, two-flap beam wing and reprofiled sheaths for the front suspension.  


Although the high downforce rear wing is for Monaco, the new single-pylon mounting is a development feature which will continue beyond this race, given a claimed increase in aero efficiency.

Like Alpine and RB, Sauber has tweaked the angle of the front suspension sheathing to give a more slow speed appropriate airflow. 


A Monaco-specific rear wing and beam wing and enhanced cooling capacity.

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