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Haas disqualified: How its Monaco GP upgrade led to rule breach

by Scott Mitchell-Malm
1 min read

Both Haas drivers have been disqualified from Monaco Grand Prix due to an error the Formula 1 team made in ensuring its upgraded rear wing is legal.

Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen were due to start 12th and 15th in Monaco, where Haas is using a new high-downforce rear wing.

But a post-qualifying inspection revealed the uppermost rear wing element adjustable positions exceeded the maximum allowed 85mm.

In a hearing with the stewards, Haas admitted to an error in setting the wing flap gap.

The stewards’ report reveals that the old Haas design “was set to be compliant with the regulations with the largest gap measured from the centre of the wing”.

But with the new design the largest gap was at the wing’s extremities - and the team “had not trained its mechanics to set the gap per the new design”.

The stewards noted that Haas was “candid in admitting its error”, and the FIA’s technical team was satisfied with the explanation.

The wing was otherwise compliant and this was not a performance-enhancing mistake, but as is standard with such technical breaches this is considered irrelevant and disqualification is automatic.

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