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Ferrari unveils 2022 F1 car with revised livery

by Scott Mitchell-Malm
3 min read

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Ferrari’s 2022 Formula 1 car the F1-75 has been revealed with a black-and-red livery, and another variation in sidepod design for the new generation of rules.

After two winless seasons, Ferrari hopes its 2022 car – which has been the focus of a major car and engine development programme – will enable it to fight more regularly at the front in F1 again.

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Drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz joined team principal Mattia Binotto to launch the F1-75, which features a distinct interpretation of the new rules with its sidepod design – but does mirror Aston Martin in having cooling louvres on the top.

The car also has a revised colour scheme following the departure of long-time backer Philip Morris International and with it the Mission Winnow branding that has been featured for the last few seasons.

“We have tackled the challenge of this project with an innovative approach,” said Binotto. “Because apart from the requirements of the completely new technical regulations we believe that we had to take on this exercise with an open mind.

“It called on all our know-how our creativity and above all our commitment. This is what I would call a brave Ferrari because we have interpreted the rules thinking outside the box.”

Ferrari’s 2021 improvements netted third in the constructors’ championship, which – though well behind Mercedes and Red Bull – meant it hit its target.

Now, the priority is re-emerging as a consistent challenger for race wins, which means having a car and engine package that gives drivers Leclerc and Sainz the right opportunity.

This car has been designed by a restructured and slimmed-down Ferrari organisation intended to address existing weaknesses but also adjust to the needs of the F1 cost cap.

David Sanchez is tasked with the vehicle concept, with senior chassis responsibilities split between Enrico Cardile (chassis performance engineer) and Fabio Montecchi (chassis project engineering).

In parallel, Ferrari has funded the introduction of a new state-of-the-art driver-in-loop simulator at Maranello, which was operational in the second half of last season.

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Under the skin, Ferrari has worked tirelessly to complete its recovery from the hit its power unit performance took in 2020, which followed the raft of technical directives issued by the FIA after unproven suspicions about the Ferrari engine.

Last year, Ferrari made an encouraging step forward and established itself as the third-strongest engine manufacturer.

The introduction of a significant hybrid upgrade, with a new energy store that increased it from a 400-volt to an 800-volt system in the final third of the season, was also an important step.

That hybrid system is carried over to 2022 but Ferrari has a “significantly different” combustion engine design now.

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