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Ferrari and McLaren headline F1 teams’ Austrian GP upgrades

by Mark Hughes
2 min read

Part one of the three-stage upgrade McLaren hopes will change its 2023 Formula 1 season and another big package from Ferrari are the headlines of teams’ Austrian Grand Prix upgrades.

Mark Hughes runs through what’s new:

Red Bull

Img 6654

Just a tweak of the fairing around the rear suspension, said to improve the airflow stability around the lower rear of the car.


Img 20230630 121028 (1)

Another very significant upgrade for the Ferrari, with an all-new front wing and accompanying changes to the floor edges. As well as reducing the aero losses further downstream it’s claimed to give a bigger set-up window.


Img 6816

The first part of a major three-part upgrade, with a reprofiled sidepod which features the fashionable waterslide on its upper surface and incorporates also a reshaped radiator inlet.

The floor, floor edges and diffuser have all been reprofiled, as has the engine cover and coke bottle area between the rear wheels.


A new spec of pitot tube on the nose will give a more accurate measurement of air speed.


A tweak of geometry where the rear wing rolls into the sideplate for a claimed improvement in aero efficiency.

There is also a new beam wing which replaces the previous one for this downforce level.


Img 20230630 121624

The outer fence at the tunnel inlet has been reangled and reprofiled, as has the vane around the front brake duct. Both give small claimed increases in local load.

Mercedes, Alpine, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin: No changes reported

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