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F1 tech podcast: CFD secrets with Red Bull’s experts

Nov 30 2022

Computational fluid dynamics – better known as CFD – is a key simulation tool for all Formula 1 teams. But what is it, how is it used and why is it so important?

The Race F1 Tech Show is joined by two of the key architects behind Red Bull’s success – chief designer Craig Skinner and Ansys chief technologist Christophe Bianchi – to explain how this complex but powerful tool is used to extract performance.

Before that, with F1 teams now in full flow working on their car designs for 2023, former F1 technical director Gary Anderson tells host Edd Straw how they go about tackling the unique new car challenges faced at this time of year.

And finally, Gary answers another listener’s question, which this week is about the successful troubleshooting of one of his most famous cars: The Jordan 198.

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