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How much each 2024 F1 team is paying to race this year

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Just how much has each Formula 1 team paid to race in 2024?

In 2013, the revised Concorde Agreement came into force, which included the FIA ruling that entry fees for each competitor were based on the number of points scored in the previous season.

Due to inflation over the past 10 years, the figure has risen and now stands at $657,837 for the base fee, plus $6,575 per point, with the constructors' champion paying $7,893 per point.

With Red Bull’s record-breaking season, they faced the biggest entry fee a team has ever paid. The complete list of entry fees teams have paid to enter the 2024 season is below:

RED BULL - $7,445,817

2023 points = 860

An eye-watering amount from Red Bull forces it to surpass the previous record for points in a season, set by Mercedes in 2016. It is an inevitable consequence of its impeccable dominance throughout 2023.

MERCEDES - $3,347,012

2023 points: 409

While hardly an insignificant number, Mercedes' 2024 entry fee is a far cry from the team's previous eye-watering sums.

FERRARI - $3,327,287

2023 points: 406

Ferrari saved a few pennies by finishing behind Mercedes in their battle for second in the constructors.

The only team outside of Red Bull with a race win in 2023, the Scuderia is confident it is heading in the right direction for 2024. It will do so with a lighter purse.

MCLAREN: $2,643,487

2023 points: 302

McLaren made a great effort to recover from the early-season woes. A mid-season surge took the team from the bottom of the grid to securing regular podiums and finishing fourth in the constructors'.

ASTON MARTIN - $2,498,837

2023 points: 280

Aston's total doesn’t reflect what a spectacular start to the 2023 season Aston Martin had. The team's leap forward from 2022 was one of the biggest stories of the season, with Fernando Alonso securing six podiums in the first eight races.

ALPINE - $1,446,837

2023 points: 120

A podium in Monaco and a top-three finish in the Belgium sprint race gave Alpine the haul of points it needed. But the lack of consistency across all aspects of the team left it with a not-so-hefty bill to pay for 2024.

WILLIAMS - $841,937

2023 points: 28

After ending the season in 2022 with the worst car, any expectations for Williams in 2023 were fairly low. While still lacking in ultimate performance, the team finished its season with the most points (and its highest place in the constructors' table) since 2017.

Visa Cash App RB - $822,212

2023 points: 25

Red Bull's second team, AlphaTauri as it was known until the end of 2023, just missed out on a chance to snatch seventh in the constructors' from Williams in Abu Dhabi. It did instead add to the entry fee it needed to pay for 2024.

STAKE - $763,037

2023 points: 16

On occasions, the 2023 Alfa Romeo car was genuinely quick, but opportunities to score points were missed with a car that had regressed compared to its 2022 predecessor.

HAAS - $736,737

2023 points: 12

The lowest fee of them all. If points were awarded for qualifying, Haas would have had a much better season and would have ultimately paid the price for it.

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