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Two major packages among F1 teams' Chinese GP upgrades

by Mark Hughes
2 min read

Two midfield Formula 1 teams have significant upgrade packages for this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix, while three others have adjustments around the cockpit area.

Mark Hughes runs through everything that’s new.



The struggling Alpine team has a significant upgrade package devised around a new floor which incorporates reprofiled fences in the tunnel inlet that together with a redesigned floor edge winglet and a reshaped diffuser sidewall give what is claimed to be a significant increase in downforce.


The first big upgrade of the season for Haas with an all-new floor and engine cover.

New geometry for the floor fences and floor edge target improved driveability. A new cooling channel layout (with a slimmer centre exit at the rear but bigger louvres at the side) has allowed the engine cover to be slimmed down.

The winglets atop the rear brake duct have been refashioned, giving a claimed increase in local load, and the mirror housing is slimmer. 



A small flick-up either side of the cockpit halo is a flow-conditioning device to create mini-vortice for more efficient airflow to the rear wing.


The forward part of the halo has been reshaped to improve the efficiency of airflow to the rear wing.


A small tweak to the headrest bodywork has reduced airflow separation as it makes its way to the rear wing.

No upgrades declared: Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin and Sauber

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