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Challenge The Race on motorsport’s leading fantasy game app

by Matt Beer
1 min read

GridRival is the fastest-growing Fantasy and Real Money gaming platform dedicated exclusively to motorsports, and we’re excited to be partnering with them again for the 2023 Formula 1 season for our own The Race league.

If you keep up to date with The Race F1 Podcast then you’ll be able to play along and compete against the team too.

On GridRival you can join leagues with your friends and manage your own fantasy team. F1 leagues are now live for the 2023 season.

Joining a league on GridRival will make every race more exciting, more engaging and of course more competitive.

The ‘contracts’ format of the game is a well-balanced mix that can be enjoyed by the casual player but can also provide the hardcore user with plenty of interesting features.

GridRival is also incredible at connecting fans. Each league has its own built-in chat functionality, and it has a quickly growing Discord community in which the founders themselves regularly engage. Tools and advice from the community make it easy to build your team too.

For US users in select states, you can play daily games with real money on the line, a feature that will soon be available in the UK and Canada.

Make sure you download GridRival now on your iPhone or Android smartphone and make your account in time for the 2023 season. Then join our league here to get involved.

GridRival is an unofficial application and not associated with Formula 1, MotoGP or any of their athletes.

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