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Bring Back V10s Q&A special: Senna/Ferrari, Adelaide ’94 and more

by Jack Cozens
1 min read

Who would have won the 1994 Australian Grand Prix if Michael Schumacher hadn’t made that error? Would Damon Hill winning the 1994 Formula 1 title have changed the face of 1990s F1 thereafter?

Why didn’t Tom Walkinshaw do better in F1 team management? Who had the best point-less F1 season of the V10 era?

Why didn’t Rubens Barrichello and Jordan’s Interlagos 1996 front row form carry through the season? Could Tamburello be safely restored to its old configuration?

Would Ayrton Senna actually have been a success at Ferrari? Just how good was Sauber’s first F1 season? And why has Jacques Villeneuve always been under a ‘controversial cloud’?

In the season finale of Bring Back V10s series seven, Glenn Freeman tasks Gary Anderson, Edd Straw and Matt Beer with getting through more of your questions about 1989-2005 F1 than we’ve ever attempted before.

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