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Bring Back V10s podcast: BAR’s embarrassing 1999

by Glenn Freeman
1 min read

British American Racing arrived in F1 talking of fighting for wins and championships… then it finished bottom of the standings with no points in its first season.

So how did a team with a huge budget, a star driver and a famous technical partner get it so wrong?

In the latest episode of Bring Back V10s, Edd Straw and Sam Smith join host Glenn Freeman to look back on the entire story of BAR’s miserable first season, starting with the team’s controversial attempt to race with two separate liveries for its cars, which resulted in an immediate falling out with the FIA.

With insight from technical guru Adrian Reynard, we delve into why the car was so unreliable, the politics behind the scenes that threatened to tear the team apart, why its massive budget still wasn’t big enough, landing Honda engines for 2000, both cars getting destroyed in qualifying at Spa, more internal politics, and the fallout that occurred in the boardroom when the team finished last in the championship.

Sep 09 : S4 E10: BAR's dreadful debut season in 1999

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