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The final batch of 2023 F1 upgrades explained

by Mark Hughes
2 min read

It might be the final round of a 22-race season but three Formula 1 teams have brought and declared brand-new upgrades for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend.

Mark Hughes rounds up the changes:

Aston Martin

Aston has continued with its development, partly in preparation for next year.

A new rear wing has been designed to address the car’s high drag at higher wing levels.

The wing tip treatment is different as is the general geometry of the flaps. There is a wider beam wing designed to complement this. 


An all-new floor for the AT04, with new underbody, fences at the tunnel inlets and floor edges (old vs new floor above).

The changes to the forward and central section of the underfloor work in conjunction with the new fences.

The re-alignment of the most outboard fence has been done to better energise the floor edge wing, which has also been modified.

It has a pared-back forward part and widened rear, which is claimed to increase load directly on that part of the car.

Here's how it compares to Red Bull's floor.

Alfa Romeo

The Alfa has reprofiled front wing flaps and a new endplate, both designed with the aim of better controlling the airflow around and behind the front wheels.

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