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Unique signed RC scale Schumacher Ferrari up for sale

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A unique, radio-controlled, 1:3 scale model of Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2002 Formula 1 car is up for sale.

The fully working replica of the car that dominated the 2002 F1 season was created by Stéphane Andrist at Atelier Medicatech in Switzerland, and was signed by Schumacher himself when the seven-time world champion witnessed the car in action in 2003.

The car is a work of art. It has been designed and built to a meticulous standard, and has run at speeds in excess of 80km/h - but you’d need a very long driveway to find out what its true top speed is!

The mini F2002 is powered by a four-cylinder two-stroke engine, via belt driven transmission.

Ventilated brake discs ensure it has the stopping power to match its speed, while 10-inch front, and 11-inch rear karting tyres means there is plenty of grip as well as power.

Over 1000 hours of work over three years went into this one-off creation, which Atelier Medicatech co-founder Andrist dreamt up as a way to train the company’s apprentices. The firm specialises in cutting-edge surgical equipment, but Andrist’s passions for both motorsport and model making combined for this idea.

Find out more about the RC F2002 here

“We were looking for an exceptional and demanding project to serve as a common thread in the training of our apprentice mechanic,” Andrist explained.

“Since we are all passionate about F1 and fans of Michael Schumacher, the idea of building a replica of the world champion Ferrari seemed like an obvious choice.”

The story became even more incredible when Schumacher himself learned about the car.

At the time the Schumacher family regularly spent off-seasons in the La Cote region, on the north shore of Lake Geneva, where Atelier Medicatech is based.

Thanks to local media coverage, a mutual acquaintance and a chance meeting at a petrol station, Schumacher soon heard about the project and came to see the car for himself at the end of 2003, when he signed the rear wing.

The car is expected to reach £150,000-£250,000 when it goes under offer at the Graham Budd F1 auction in association with The Race on July 4.

For more information, click here.

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