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Dunlop gets another TT win in red-flagged race

by Simon Patterson
1 min read

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Michael Dunlop further extended his Isle of Man TT winning streak by taking his second of the day on the final day of the 2024 event, winning a red flagged Supertwin TT ahead of Peter Hickman and Mike Browne.

Dunlop was 17 seconds clear when the race was stopped, with a result declared at the end of lap one.

The Northern Irishman, who took his 28th win earlier in the day in the second Supersport TT, led practically from the start until the red flags came out as he crossed the Mountain for the final time well under lap record pace.

Hickman had slotted in behind him from the beginning of the race, but it was race one podium finisher Dom Herbertson who lost out when the race came to a premature end, having moved clear of Browne on the first half of the final lap - but forced to settle for fourth when the result was taken from the start-finish line on Glencrutchery Road.

The end result means that it marks a rare single-lap TT victory - but with the race already shortened from three laps to two thanks to extensive delays during the week, Dunlop was able to take his fourth win of the week because half distance had already been reached.

The details of the on-track incident that caused the red flags to come out have not yet been released by TT organisers.

The final race of the weekend, the Senior TT, has been delayed as a result of the stoppage and the time it took to allow riders to return to the pits, and will now get away at 1800 local time.

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