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Podcast: Hybrids, aero, uncertain future - your IndyCar questions

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until Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League

The Race IndyCar Podcast brings you a bumper episode full of your questions relating to tech, and no stone is left unturned in this discussion of the present and hypothetical future of the series.

Questions about IndyCar’s recent and latest hybrid delay dominate, but JR Hildebrand and special guest engineer Charlie Ping also take questions on a range of other topics including the series' 12-year-old DW12 chassis - while Hildebrand even outlines his vision for what IndyCar should do to avoid stagnating in an impassioned plea for change.

And it’s not just tech itself we’re talking about, it’s why certain areas are open for development and others aren't in what is a spec-chassis series. How dampers came to be a development hotspot and where the series' engine regulations could be improved to lower costs are also questions that are tackled.

Ping also gives a full explanation of dampers, including what they control in an IndyCar and how they impact set-up philosophy, with Hildebrand explaining what it’s like as a driver to be at an under-funded team trying to outsmart the bods at the well-funded top outfits.

If you're disappointed you've missed your chance to get involved, fear not. We’ve still got some questions left over to answer in a future episode so if you've got something else to submit to our hosting team, email podcasts@the-race.com.

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