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Rescinded penalty alters Jakarta Formula E result weeks later

by Sam Smith
2 min read

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The final result of Formula E’s Jakarta E-Prix four weeks ago is set to be altered after a change in verdict has been confirmed regarding an incident that took place between Mercedes EQ’s Nyck de Vries and Porsche’s Andre Lotterer.

The collision was deemed to have happened at Turn 8 on lap 30 of the race resulting in a small amount of damage to both cars.

De Vries subsequently pitted with a puncture, while Lotterer continued and finished in ninth position.

However, Lotterer was deemed guilty of causing the shunt and was given a five-second time penalty and two penalty points on his licence. The five seconds shuffled him down to 11th place and out of the points in the final results – which were issued on the evening of the race taking place.

Now, the FIA has issued an amended decision that exonerates Lotterer for the incident and withdraws the sanctions.

The Porsche petition was lodged on June 17, some two weeks after the Jakarta E-Prix – and after the new data was analysed the FIA has stated that “car 17 had a puncture in T2 of Lap 30. At the entry of T7 car 17 was 20 kph slower and the car was braking earlier before T8”.

The reason de Vries was slower is because one of his tyres was deflating and he had to “reduce his speed at the beginning of T7 more than usual and he braked earlier for T8. The speed was 10 kph less between T7 and T8”.

The decision goes on to detail: “Mr. Lotterer was not aware of this and he hit car 17 at the rear. Due to the tyre deflation car 36 had no opportunity to avoid the collision. The stewards consider the case as a normal racing incident.”

A new final classification is expected to be issued in Marrakesh tomorrow when the stewards convene.

It is expected Lotterer will reclaim two points for ninth place, while Sam Bird will be demoted to 10th. Sebastien Buemi will lose the point he thought he had earned by being initially classified in 10th position.

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