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Video: What next for the wannabe F1 giant that's been part-sold?

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If a wannabe Formula 1 giant is on the right track, would it be part-sold and should it be championing a season that ended considerably less competitive than it started as one with ‘no negatives at all’?

Those are questions you might be asking about Aston Martin, which towards the end of 2023 made a significant announcement: outside investors were coming in for the first time since Lawrence Stroll’s consortium bought the assets of Force India in 2018.

The news followed quite intense speculation about Stroll’s intentions for the team, and came at the end of a season in which Aston Martin had genuinely been F1’s most improved team - but had also been on a worrying decline.

What does it all mean for Aston Martin going into 2024 and beyond?

We dig deeper in this video:

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