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Racing Point parts impounded, Mercedes now involved in case

by Scott Mitchell-Malm
2 min read

The FIA has impounded the front and rear brake ducts of Racing Point’s Formula 1 cars and ordered Mercedes to provide its corresponding 2019 parts following a protest from Renault.

After the Styrian Grand Prix, in which Racing Point drivers Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll charged from the second half of the grid to challenge for top-six positions for most of the race, Renault protested both RP20s.

It alleged Racing Point had breached the rules that demand teams are responsible for designing Listed Parts themselves.

Racing Point’s 2020 car has been dubbed a ‘pink Mercedes’ as the team has taken design inspiration from last year’s title-winning W10, which Racing Point says is because it has realised it needs to follow its engine and gearbox supplier’s aerodynamic philosophy.

However, Renault has alleged that Racing Point’s design has been created illegally, and the Styrian GP stewards ruled its protest – which it has been revealed relates to the front and rear brake ducts – admissible.

An FIA Technical Department representative has been directed to seal and impound those parts in preparation for conducting a detailed analysis, the findings of which must be reported to the stewards.

It must also include an assessment that matches those findings against the alleged infringements outlined in Renault’s protest.

Mercedes has been ordered to provide the front and rear brake air ducts of its W10 for examination.

“When the likely submission date of the assessment can be determined, the FIA Technical Department representative will communicate that to the chairman of the stewards so that the next meeting to assess the claims can be scheduled,” the stewards’ document read.

Front and rear brake ducts were previously allowed to be taken from other teams, but were added to listed parts for the 2020 season.

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