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Quiz: Every driver to race for F1’s doomed 2010 new team trio

by Josh Suttill
1 min read

One of the key benefits of more Formula 1 teams on the grid is more opportunities for racing drivers to prove themselves at motorsport’s highest level.

The last major influx of new teams came in 2010 (six years before the latest new F1 team Haas entered as the sole newcomer) with Virgin, Lotus and Hispania joining the grid.

Only one of the trio would score points in F1 – and all would disappear by the end of 2016 – but they still fielded some memorable drivers, from future F1 race winners to veterans wrapping up their long grand prix careers.

We’re tasking you with naming all 27 drivers who raced for one of the three teams who entered in 2010 – including through all of their various guises and name changes, until all three were gone off the grid.

We’ve helped you by providing you with the number of race starts they made for one (or more) of the three teams but we’ve excluded their race starts for teams further up the grid.

Let us know how you got on in the comments below or by tweeting to @wearetherace, and be mindful of spoilers.

If the layout of the quiz is sub-optimal on your device of choice, try adjusting the page zoom level or switching to a different device – or play it directly on Sporcle’s site.

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