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Podcast: Why F1's Andretti rejection logic is so unsettling

1 min read

Formula 1's controversial rejection of the General Motors-backed Andretti Global entry has been overtaken in the news cycle by Lewis Hamilton's Ferrari bombshell.

But there's no chance it will just quietly fade away into the background - and there's every indication the story isn't over.

Scott Mitchell-Malm and Glenn Freeman join Edd Straw on this edition of The Race F1 Podcast to discuss this latest chapter of the Andretti/F1 saga.

They meticulously pick through the reasons F1 gave for rejecting the American team's bid for a grid slot (and the validity of those reasons), explain what the Andretti camp's reaction has been, and debate what's likely to happen next in this long-running saga.

They also discuss the optics of the rejection, whether they feel it was fair, and the reaction of the fanbase - much of which was clearly keen to see an 11th team on the grid.

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