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Podcast: Each F1 team’s key 2022 weakness

by Matt Beer
1 min read

With the much-anticipated 2022 Formula 1 launches just around the corner, we reveal the key weakness each team needs to improve on in the latest episode of The Race F1 Podcast.

While the all-new technical regulations mean it’s a clean-sheet-of-paper design for everyone, the 2022 cars are still the product of teams that have shown their positives and negatives in recent seasons so there are are clear patterns that must either be built on, or reshaped, to produce a stronger car.

Gary Anderson and Scott Mitchell join Edd Straw to discuss all 10 teams, from Haas, Alfa Romeo and Williams at the back to Mercedes and Red bull at the front.

Whether it’s a question of needing to improve car understanding, a struggle in certain types of corners, leadership or the many other areas where F1 teams can need improvement, we set the scene for the areas that will make or break not just 2022, but potentially the whole upcoming rules cycle, for every competitor.

Jan 31 : Revealing every 2022 F1 team's key weakness

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