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Mercedes changes headline F1 teams’ Miami upgrades

by Mark Hughes
2 min read

The FIA has issued its list of the upgrades Formula 1 teams are bringing for the Miami Grand Prix, and as expected it’s headlined by changes at Mercedes.

Mark Hughes runs through what’s new in the pitlane.


Motor Racing Formula One World Championship Miami Grand Prix Preparation Day Miami, Usa

As already described in Gary Anderson’s article on The Race on Thursday, Mercedes has turned up here with a new rear wing and beam wing.

The lower drag/downforce wing has been some time in development and would probably have been used in Jeddah if it had been available then. The long straights of Miami make this a suitable venue for its introduction.

The new beam wing with smaller chord at the outboard ends has been designed in conjunction with the new wing to create the most efficient drag reduction.

There are also two slightly different front wings to choose from, one with slightly more flap area in the top element, giving the team a wider range of options in balancing the car. There is a new front wing endplate with smaller tip elements, again in the chase of reduced drag.

Red Bull

No updates reported.


The Scuderia has a lower downforce rear wing specifically for this track. There is also believed to be a revised ERS-K on Charles Leclerc’s power unit.


Img 0485

A strengthened front suspension for reliability reasons and an additional floor stay for increased resistance to porpoising.


Img 0489

The rear brake duct has been extended for aerodynamic effect, with an extended endplate and a greater angle of ramp to enhance downforce.


No updates reported.

Aston Martin

No updates reported.


A greater number of cooling louvres on the upper surface of the sidepods to cope with the high Miami temperatures.

Alfa Romeo

Like Williams, Alfa Romeo has increased the area of cooling louvres atop the sidepods.


A trimmed version of the existing rear wing.

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