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Gary Anderson podcast: What makes a bad F1 car

by Valentin Khorounzhiy
1 min read

Gary Anderson answers your questions on bad Formula 1 cars in the latest edition of his weekly podcast, brought to you by The Race.

The former Jaguar and Jordan technical director explains what makes a bad car and some of the reasons why teams that set out to produce the best car possible get it so badly wrong.

He’s also asked questions about a series of troubled McLarens, starting with the 2009 car that began the season well off the pace through to the struggles in the Honda-engined years.

Gary also picks out the most difficult car he’s worked on, which also dates back to his days working for McLaren, and by way of counterpoints explains why the easiest cars to work on were at the start of his F1 career.

And when it comes to the question of the worst car to win a race, it proves to be one that Anderson also has a connection to.

The Gary Anderson F1 Show is released weekly and available from all good podcast outlets, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Listen to “Why bad F1 cars happen – your questions answered” on Spreaker.

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