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Final day of 2024 F1 testing stopped by further track repairs

by Josh Suttill
2 min read

The final day of 2024 Formula 1 pre-season testing in Bahrain has once again been curtailed and had its schedule overhauled in the wake of track repairs.

Following a disrupted second day, when the morning session was prematurely ended while track repairs were carried out to the kerbs on the entry to the Turn 11 left-hander, day three lasted less than half an hour before it was halted.

Once again a drain cover came loose and the red flag was required.

An inspection of the damage and repairs to the kerb were once again carried out before the decision to end the morning session was effectively made.

It made the stoppage time a pseudo lunch break (originally scheduled for 2-3pm local time) and means when the session resumes, it will theoretically run until 7pm local time, the planned end of test time.

Race control issued an estimated restart time of 11.45am and the session resumed then.

Carlos Sainz topped Friday's running after the first half an hour, setting a 1m31.247s on the C3 tyres, eight tenths clear of Norris.

Day 3 leaderboard under red flag

1 Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) 1m31.247s, C3, 11 laps
2 Lando Norris (McLaren) +0.861s, C3, 7 laps
3 Alex Albon (Williams) +2.601s, C3, 8 laps
4 Sergio Perez (Red Bull) +3.543s, C3, 8 laps
5 Kevin Magnussen (Haas) +4.802s, C3, 10 laps
6 Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) +6.525s, C3, 5 laps
7 Daniel Ricciardo (RB) +8.260s, C4, 6 laps
8 Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) no time, 9 laps
9 Esteban Ocon (Alpine) no time, 3 laps
10 Valtteri Bottas (Sauber) no time, 2 laps

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