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Ferrari to use ‘generational’ new simulator for ’22 F1 car

by Edd Straw
2 min read

Ferrari’s long-awaited new simulator, which it says represents a “generational leap”, has been completed and will be used to assist with development of its 2022 Formula 1 car after the summer break.

The team is now carrying out calibration work on the driver-in-loop simulator, with the tool set to be used for development of the 2022 car, currently dubbed the 647 project, from “some point in September”.

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The new simulator sits in a bespoke building located between Ferrari’s main building and the Fiorano test track, with the technology developed in partnership with British-based high performance motion simulation specialists Dynisma.

Dynisma is headed by Ash Warne, who was Ferrari’s senior vehicle dynamics engineer from 2014 until 2017, when he left to form the new company.

Prior to joining Ferrari, he worked on McLaren’s simulator programme from 2010-2013, having previously served as first an aero modeller then a performance engineer for the team.

Driver-in-loop simulators have long become established as a critical tool not just for driver preparation, but also for car development. This means they are playing a key role in the development of next year’s new cars, built to radically different regulations, with Ferrari expecting the step forward in its new simulator to make it stronger in this area.

Ferrari F1 Austrian GP Charles Leclerc

“Simulation and digital technology are going to play an ever more important role in the development of a Formula 1 car and we believe we have made the best possible choice, focusing on creating a tool that will enable us to make a generational leap in this sector,” said Ferrari head of supply chain Gianmari Fulgenzi.

“To produce it, we chose Dynisma, a young and dynamic company. It has taken two years to complete this project and now we are ready to start using it on the 674 project, which is the name given to the car that will be produced based on the new technical regulations that come into force in 2022.”

The simulator is part of Ferrari’s ongoing infrastructure upgrade, with team principal Mattia Binotto describing such technology as “more and more important” at the end of 2019 when the build was in its early stages.

Carlos Sainz Charles Leclerc Ferrari F1

This means a significant investment has been made in the simulator as part of Ferrari’s push to end a world championship drought that stretches back to its last constructors’ championship victory in 2008.

Ferrari’s existing driver-in-loop simulator will continue to be used for work on the 2021 car and race-weekend preparation until the end of the season. It will also continue to be used by members of the Ferrari Driver Academy.

Driver Charles Leclerc recently revealed that he has driven a 2022 car model in the existing simulator.

“It feels very different,” Leclerc said of the 2022 car. “Then I think it’s a question mark for everyone, whether we are developing well or not.

“It’s such a different project. It’s very, very early days so nobody knows where we are positioning ourselves compared to the others.

“But we are working on it.”

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