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F1 Tech Show: What’s new for 2023 and how teams may respond

by Valentin Khorounzhiy
1 min read

The first year of a new F1 rules set is always interesting, but what’s potentially even more interesting than that is the second year, which is coming up in 2023.

On this week’s show, host Edd Straw and former F1 technical director Gary Anderson look ahead to next year, discussing the tweaks that are being made to the rules, what the impact of those tweaks will be on performance, and whether teams will evolve their car designs or opt for a fresh start.

Gary also explains why the 2023 crop of cars might end up looking increasingly similar while also getting further apart in terms of performance.

Before that, Gary dives into what it’s like to build a brand-new car on a tight schedule and gives his own fascinating solution to F1’s ongoing struggle to make the DRS improve racing, without making overtaking seem artificial.

And before signing off on the final episode of season two of The Race F1 Tech Show, Gary answers two more questions from listeners. The first is on whether F1 would benefit from moving towards ‘fan car’ technology and the second is on the benefits of using pre-coloured carbon fibre, rather than paint, to create car liveries.

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