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F1 revises its COVID-19 testing protocols

by Matt Beer
1 min read

Formula 1 has revised its COVID-19 testing protocols since the Eifel Grand Prix to ensure all team personnel are tested no more than 24 hours after entering the circuit.

Previously, the rules demanded a pre-event test prior to travel, then tests every five days – but in new rules, personnel are required to have an on-site test “at the earliest opportunity, and no more than 24 hours, following entry to any high density area at the venue” with subsequent tests at least every five days.

High-density areas include the F1 paddock, with the rules ensuring that the gaps between tests are minimised by clearing personnel after their arrival at the venue.

The rules have also been modified not to allow testing on Sunday, which ensures that attendees who would otherwise have tested on the final day of the weekend must complete their tests by 19:00 on the Saturday to be cleared for race day.

The modifications to the rules come in the wake of questions arising from Lance Stroll pulling out of the Eifel Grand Prix weekend on Saturday.

Stroll had reported feeling ill with flu-like in the wake of the previous race in Russia, but according to the team tested negative after multiple COVID-19 tests.

But he did test positive for COVID-19 after returning from Germany and is returning to action for this weekend’s Portuguese Grand Prix after negative tests.

This has led to question marks over the testing rules, some of which have now been closed up by ensuring that all personnel test negative on their arrival at the track.

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